What better thing to do on a Tuesday night (well ok, Wednesday morning) when you can’t sleep than update your blogging engine.  Subtext is a great blogging engine, however; we outgrew some of its features.  In its place, we decided to go with BlogEngine.NET.  The transition was pretty easy thanks to BlogML, however, like all things, we needed to do some manipulation ourselves.  Along with the new blog engine, we also put in a new Visoft-branded blog theme, which was long overdue.  Instead of delaying the release of the new blog, we hope to launch a new Visoft, Inc. website in the next few weeks, which will be based on the blog theme we have here.  

Some of the new things to look for:

  • The old Subtext links should still work - BlogEngine.NET has different paths for posts, but with a bit of custom changes, these should be seamless.
  • The old RSS feed URL should work - (again thanks to some custom work), but you should switch to the new feed URL of /syndication.axd just to make everything easier in the future
  • New authors! - It was lonely being the only one adding posts, look forward to other Visoft developers adding new posts in the future. BlogEngine.NET has a nice feature of being able to filter based on the author as shown here: /author/damien-white
  • New content! - We have been holding off on publishing content until the new blog engine was in-place, so look for some new content coming real soon.
  • New theme - We would love your feedback on the new layout. 

There are too many new things to list, so feel free to browse the site and discover BlogEngine.NET and the new Visoft, Inc. Blogs!