I just wanted to drop a quick note to let everybody know about a great show I caught two episodes of on the Science Channel. It is called “Download: The True Story of the Internet”. I watched the episode “Bubble”, which discusses the .COM bubble, it also focuses on Amazon.com and EBay.com, as they are two companies that made it through the .COM bust and changed the way we do business. I also caught the episode titled “People Power”. This episode talks about how there is a new breed of sites out there that empower the user. This ranges from Napster to MySpace, YouTube, Facebook, etc. There are two other episodes listed in the Science Channel’s schedule for the show that I’m looking forward to, “Browser Wars” and “Search”. Last I checked, you can catch all four episodes on April 5th and 6th. I highly recommend checking them out.

It should be noted that sadly, as of this writing, Discovery/Science Channel doesn’t have “Download” available for download on the Internet.