Today, I will go through the step by step instructions to setup VirtualBox for Windows 7. First of all, You will need to install VirtualBox. Follow my VirtualBox installation guide from a previous blog post if you need the step-by-steps.

Figure 01

  1. Clicking on the “New” button in the user interface will guide you through setting up a new virtual machine (VM). Click Next.

    Figure 02

  2. You must provide a name for your VM, and the type of operating system (OS). Click Next.

    Figure 03

  3. You must give the amount of memory (RAM) for Guest OS. **If your host machine has 1 GB of RAM and you enter 512 MB as the amount of RAM. Click Next.

    Figure 04

  4. You must specify a virtual hard disk for your VM. Click New.

    Figure 05

    1. Click Next.

      Figure 06

    2. Select storage type “dynamically expanding storage”.

      Figure 07

    3. Specify space with 20 GB. Click Next.

      Figure 08

    4. Pick a location on your drive to store the virtual hard drive (.vdi). Click Save

      Figure 09

    5. Click Next.

      Figure 10

    6. Click Finish.

      Figure 11

  5. Now you get to review the virtual hard disk details.

    Figure 12

  6. Finally, review the virtual machine details.

    Figure 13

  7. You are done with the virtual machine set up. You should see the main screen of VirtualBox.

    Figure 14

  8. Click the Start button to start the virtual machine.

    Figure 15

My next blog post will go over the installation process of Windows 7 on VirtualBox.